December 13, 2016

2016 Holiday Yacht Party


What a Beautiful night it was for a party on the water. After the coldest night of the year (low 20’s!), a warm front pushed through and brought temperatures up over 20 degrees! Always interesting to see the temperature go up in the middle of the night in December.


Captain Krissi Fountain was at the helm transporting the guests out to Carolina Breeze where Marty and Susan Foerster were waiting with snacks and refreshments. Everyone enjoyed the egg salad, cookies and conversation as the sun set over Banks Channel.



After spending the evening listening to holiday music and enjoying everybody’s company Marty brought the group in on a lit up Carolina Breeze.untitled-22__1481654897_24-74-212-240

Thanks to everyone for coming out for our final excursion of 2016, and a special thanks to Boat Club Member Vincent Thompson for taking all of these great pictures and making the fantastic video! It was a wonderful year for all of us at Sea Gate Boating and 2017 promises to be much more of the same. Stay tuned for more new and different excursions coming soon!