March 28, 2018

Ambassador Club

Largest & Most Luxurious Boats 

Access to the Entire Fleet – Nobody will believe it’s a rental!

  • Highest level of convenience

    • Refueling service done for you, no extra charge
    • Start your day at any time (no time slots)
  • The “Smart” way to boat

    • Club consists of prior boat owners who are sick of the hassles and want convenience and reliability
    • Save over $1000 on a single rental!
    • Turns a stressful day of mechanical issues, cleaning, trailering, etc into comfort and relaxation
  • Greatest Value

    • 95% off rental rates on Holidays, Weekends, and Weekdays! (Unless weekday only member)
    • 50% discount off of training and captained charters
    • Free boating excursions

See Pricing and Application Here.