March 28, 2018

Boat Club

An Affordable & Hassle Free Way to Boat

Join our boat club, and drive our boats. As a boat club member you have full access to our fleet of club boats that you can use like your own. Simply reserve a boat for the member discounted price, and show up to a boat that is well maintained and ready for a fun day on the water. When you are done using the boat, you will be greeted at the docks where we will assist you with docking. Once back at the docks, you are good to go, we will clean and fuel the boat for you.

Boat Club Features:

  • Two club levels to fit a variety of budgets and preferences (including week-day only options)
  • 9 Boats of various sizes (20′-25′) and styles in the water, with more available when needed
  • Boats are properly powered with fuel efficient 4-stroke engines and equipped with all required safety equipment
  • Free club events and excursions
  • Air conditioned club house with bathroom, shower and great views of Little Lollipop Bay
  • Discounted Training & Charters
  • Skis, Ski Tubes, Wake Boards, Fishing Rods, & Cast Nets available

Ambassadors & Admirals Club Levels

With two different club levels, we can fit a variety of budgets, needs and preferences. Both levels offer a weekday only option for those who are retired or prefer weekday boating. Both club levels offer full and half day rentals.

Ambassadors Club

  • Access to Full Fleet
  • 95% off rental rate on weekdays, weekends and holidays
  • 50% discount on training and captained charters
  • Flexible Half-Day Start Times

Admirals Club

  • Access to a wide range of club boats
  • 80% to 90% off rental rates
  • 40% discount on training and captained charters
  • Set Half-Day Start Times

For Pricing and Full Details Please See Our Boat Club Application

Have Questions or want more information? Schedule an in-person meeting or phone call by emailing us at or calling us at (910) 256-0638