November 15, 2019

Boat Excursion to Downtown Wilmington Recap

What a beautiful day for a 26 mile boat ride to Downtown Wilmington! Last Saturday was bright and sunny. Temperatures started out in the low 50’s and were in the low 60’s on the ride back. Bundling up in the morning was a necessity!

Passing through Lee’s Cut, the infamous Palm Tree Island was just being swallowed up by the sea.

A major front with high winds had gone through a day earlier. A week earlier, “Fishweather” (one of Captain Tyler’s favorite apps) predicted it would calm down in time for the event. Their forecast was spot-on! The river, which is known to sometimes get rough, was glassy on the ride to Wilmington!

Passing by the North Carolina State Ports is always a treat. Who names these ships??? Was there really a “King Milo”? A quick Google search yields various answers. Try it, but be careful there are no children within listening distance if you stumble on the rap band’s video!

We pulled into The George (dock-n-dine Restaurant) in downtown Wilmington and warmed up with some coffee and crab & corn chowder. We enjoyed their wonderful Sunday brunch entrée’s and each other’s company. Chicken and waffles was a hit!