October 23, 2017

Cape Fear River & Southport Excursion 10-22-17

As One Member Put it: It was Awesome, Yummy AND Educational!



It feels like the endless summer around here! One week until November and we had an 80 degree sunny day for our Cape Fear River Training Excursion. Probably the most requested excursion, the wait list was so long we added a third captained boat and even had a group of members follow us in the Kencraft 21!


We left the marina and headed south down the ICW to Carolina Beach and entered Snows Cut which leads out into the Cape Fear River. Some of the topics discussed were how to read ranges, navigating the shipping channel, the history of Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point and the Southport Quarintine Station, container ships (check out the video below!) and how to avoid Jay Bird Shoals outside of Bald Head Island. Learning how to properly navigate the Cape Fear is a valuable tool as it expands your options for all kinds of great trips like Bald Head Island, Downtown Wilmington or even weekend trips to South Carolina!


After we got all the learning out of the way đŸ˜‰ we headed back to Southport for lunch at Provision Company. If you’ve never been it’s unique to say the least. If you enjoy an unpretentious atmosphere (beer and wine on the honor system!), fresh local seafood and eating outside with a cool ocean breeze then it’s a trip to start planning. I know the next time I take a group of friends out boating or have family visit I’ll be out on the water making the journey down! We’re grateful have have such great members and look forward to more of these in the future.