October 11, 2017

Crab Feast October 2017

What A Feast!

crabs 10-2

crabs 5 10-2

crabs 6 10-2Our first crab feast of 2017 did not disappoint! It was so popular we ended up adding a 3rd boat. Captain Tyler’s crew headed south while Captain Marty’s group went north to pick up our pots after a 4 day soak. The haul was great and was full of #1 jimmies and stone crabs! We ended up filling the steamer pot up 3 times to cook ’em all and had plenty to fill up our hungry guests. A good learning experience and a perfect Sunday afternoon lunch. The crabbing will remain red hot for the next few months and oystering will be right around the corner! Stay tuned and be sure to catch the next one!





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