March 28, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions…

How Does The Club Work?

As a Boat Club Member you will have access to our fleet of club boats. When you wish to go out, you simply reserve a boat online and show up at your reserved time. When you are done using the boat, one of our dock hands will be there to assist you with docking and then you are good to go. We will fuel and clean the boat for you.  

Which Club Level is Right for Me?

Our Ambassador and Admiral Club levels offer something for a variety of budgets, lifestyles, and preferences. Visit our Boat Club Page for a detailed view of both club levels, including our week-day only options. We would love to hear from you to learn more about what you are looking for, and recommend a club level based on your individual needs.

Is the initial fee a one-time fee, or is it due at the start of every year?

The initial fee is charged only at the beginning of your membership, and not every year.

How long does my membership last?

You can continue your membership, at the same monthly price, for at least 3 years.  Afterwards, there may be adjustments in price. The membership itself however does not expire and has no contracted length of time.

What happens if I do not wish to continue my membership?

You can conclude your membership at any time.  If you do so, and later want to re-join, you would be subject to paying the initial fee again.

Can I just pay my membership fees in the summer months?

We do not have a seasonal plan and there are a number of reasons why we prefer not to do so:

We keep at least 4 boats available during the “off season”

The facility and overhead costs for the club continue all year long.

If we were to have a seasonal plan, the payments would need to be higher.  It is our perception that members would rather spread their payments out, rather than to have a concentration of higher payments in the warmer months.  Your feedback and preferences would be welcome on this and other topics.

Why is there a different discount for week-days and weekends?

We want to ensure boats are available as much as possible for our customers.  Weekend use is traditionally higher.  The greater discount on weekdays provides an incentive for those who can boat on those days to do so.  The weekday-only option is particularly beneficial for people who are retired or work on lots of weekend days.

What days are defined as weekends and holidays as it pertains to Club discounts?

Weekdays are defined as Monday through Friday, but not on a major national holiday, the day before that holiday, nor the day after that holiday.

See Pricing and Application Here.

Questions? Please schedule an in-person meeting or phone call below by emailing us at or calling us at (910) 256-0638.