March 10, 2022

History of the Company

Family owned and operated for over 20 years, Sea Gate Boating is the premier destination for boating in Wrightsville Beach & Southport, NC. Whether you are looking to become a part of our Boat Club, rent a boat, or own your own boat, we have something for you.

Our owner, Marty Foerster, started Sea Gate Boating to help customers enjoy all the great aspects of boating without the hassle. With a long history of boating, Marty wanted to bring the joy of boating to everyone. Our Boat Club allows our members to enjoy a wide variety of well maintained boats and the ability to use them like their own.

As a boat owner himself, Marty realized there was also a great opportunity to help boat owners enjoy boating without the hassle as well. Through our Boat Care and Maintenance programs, our mechanics take care of your boat so you don’t have to. Any boat owner will tell you how nice it is to have peace of mind that their boat will run properly and safely out on the water.

Jarrod Covington, decided to join the fun by purchasing and operating Sea Gate Boat Club Wrightsville Beach. Jarrod continues to own and operate Wrightsville SUP at this same location at 96 W Salisbury Street. Sea Gate Boat Club Wrightsville Beach operates using Sea Gate Boating operating procedures and brand. Sea Gate Boating’s boat maintenance and repair division continues to maintain these boats in Wrightsville Beach.

Sea Gate Boat Club Southport is just getting started. The club is located at the prime location of Morningstar Marina, 606 W West Street. Marty owns and operates this club while he also expands the boat maintenance and repair services in Southport.

At Sea Gate Boating we are passionate about boating and want to share that passion with others.