August 2, 2016

July 29th Women’s Powerboat Training


Thanks to everyone who came out and made the Women’s Powerboat Training Excursion a success. While gathering at the docks before taking off, it became a clear that docking and beaching/anchoring were what everybody wanted to focus on.

We started with everybody taking turns at the helm and worked on getting in and out of a slip using our point, AIM, then shoot method. We had quite a bit of current so making the turn out in the ICW was a challenge. With the weather being beautiful we decided to make the run up to Green Channel and practice our anchoring at Lea Island.

Lea Island 4-16-16

We practiced anchoring bow in as well as stern to the beach. While the Key West 21 is a perfect boat to leave bow in, some boats such as deep v bottom fishing boats work better with the stern in to the beach. The key is to never approach the beach in reverse. Always anchor the boat bow in to begin with. To stern in, simply switch the bow line to the stern and vice versa. With the day being so beautiful and as some of the crew being first timers to the island, we decided to take a quick trip to over to the ocean side.

Afterwards we took turns navigating back to Wrightsville Beach. Thanks again for all the participation, we’ve gotten multiple requests for more of these so we’ll post some more dates soon! Be sure to contact us with your requests for the next one.