June 1, 2022

Masonboro Island Eco Adventures

Come take a walk on the wild side! Join Sea Gate Boating and Captain Karen Dunn, A Certified North Carolina Environmental Educator, on an extraordinary Masonboro Island Adventure! We’ll explore more than six natural habitats and ecosystems and the plants and animals that call Masonboro Island home.

Masonboro Island features an interesting array of coastal habitats, which includes tidal flats, salt marshes, shrub thickets, small patches of maritime forest, dredge spoil areas, grasslands, ocean beaches, and sand dunes. Come join us to explore this magnificent natural treasure.

Migrating and coastal birds, fish, invertebrates, and sea turtles all use and visit Masonboro Island. Head out with Sea Gate Boating to get an up close and personal hands-on experience meeting Masonboro’s diverse flora and fauna! Head to the Atlantic Ocean front for a mollusk scavenger hunt. Throw a line and try your luck at catching Atlantic Blue Crabs. Take a deep dive into the ecology of estuaries and the swash zone! Understand why salt marshes are nature’s defense against hurricanes and coastal flooding. 

Have you ever wanted to know more about the fascinating Callinectes sapidus (aka the Atlantic Blue Crab)? Do you know what a Diamondback Terrapin is? What’s the big deal about oysters? Where do shells come from? 

Come on out with Sea Gate Boating for some hands-on exploration and the answers to these questions and much more!


This is a 3.5 hour family friendly captained excursion for up to 6 passengers. Perfect for adults and children, this excursion is great for changing up your usual boating routine, birthdays, or showing out of town guests all Wrightsville Beach has to offer.


  • Non Club Members: $750 for a 3.5 hour excursion
  • Ambassors Club Members: $200 for a 3.5 hour excursion
  • Admirals Club Members: $275 for a 3.5 hour excursion

*All Packages include the boat rental and fuel.

How to Book? To book your excursion please call 910-256-0638 or email inquire@seagateboating.com. We are looking forward to getting you out on the water!