October 7, 2021

Masonboro Island Eco Excursion & Crab Boil

The last Saturday in August we had the privilege of partnering with Karen Dunn, a North Carolina Marine Geology Expert for an educational and fun excursion.

We started off the afternoon by taking three of our boats to Masonboro Island. Karen took us on a nature path over the island which led us to the beautiful and pleasantly uncrowded beach. While on the beach Karen showed us many of the shell varieties found on Masonboro and the surrounding areas. After learning about the shells, we got to explore the beach and put our new knowledge to work!

The path over the island was full of interesting vegetation and wonderful 360 views of the water and island.

After returning to the other side of the island it was time to get our feet wet! Karen and club members were able to wade out and look for crabs, fish, and even a box jellyfish was spotted. Learning from someone as knowledgeable as Karen really makes you appreciate the environment and what we have in this area.

After all of that exploring and learning, people were hungry! Luckily we had been catching crabs in 6 crab pots we set out and were grilling up some hamburgers and hot dogs too! For the full experience, club members got to help clean the crabs before they were boiled. There’s nothing better than eating crabs right by the water they came out of. Talk about fresh!

Overall it was a huge success! The weather, food, and company were absolutely perfect! We cannot thank Karen Dunn enough for taking time teach us about our waters and what lives where we love to boat.