December 15, 2022

Barrier Islands Seminar & Holiday Party

On Saturday, December 10, 2022, Boat Club and Boat Care Members enjoyed listening to Coastal Geologist Frank Marshall’s presentation on barrier islands.  The venue was Bradley Creek Yacht Club. 

Susan Foerster decorated the Clubhouse, setting a festive ambience for the holiday celebration!

Frank captivated the audience with interesting facts about the formation, history, dynamics, shaping and future of the islands. Our prior observations have been what we saw on the surface.  Frank left us with an appreciation of what goes under the surface and behind the scenes.

Frank explains where sand can and can’t be removed for beach renourishment

Some interesting take-aways from the presentations were:

  • Where all the sand came from in the first place.
  • How ocean currents, winter weather and storms affect the beach.
  • How shells, which do not grow in the ocean, end up on the beach.
  • How the color of the grain affects the sex of a hatching sea turtles.

Thanks to all our members who support our Boat Club. You make it possible for us all to enjoy our wonderful coastal environment!