November 11, 2021

Oystering Excursion and Oyster Roast

November 20th, 2021

No better way to celebrate fall than an oyster roast!

We started off the day with our oystering excursion. We set out around 1:30 in our Key West 21′, which is perfect for beaching and navigating through the shallow waters at low tide. Marty, Charles, and three adventurous Boat Club members, George, Tolga & Mike, headed up towards Figure 8 Island to a spot Charles found the day before. It didn’t take long to start collecting some oysters and also clams!

Charles is a Sea Gate employee. He has been oystering and clamming his whole life, so he led the way! The good oysters were back further up the creek than the commercial oystermen care to go. The pickin’s were good and many nice size singles were found! George & Marty collected a bucket-full and then separated the singles from the clusters. The smaller oysters were returned to the creek to do some more growing. The Club members enjoyed learning how to listen for the clams to “squeak” when you rake over them. We ended up with a full bucket of clams, and about a bushel of oysters.

After finding all of the clams and oysters, it was time for the oyster roast! We bought a couple of bushels to go with the ones we found ourselves, and Charles made clam chowder that was a big hit. We had a great turn out. The weather was a little chilly but our propane heater helped! Club members enjoyed getting to mingle with each other. For new club members it is a great way to meet people when you are new to the area.

Overall it was a great day of oystering and oyster eating! We always love getting to spend time with our club members. We are already looking forward to our Holiday Boating “Sleigh Rides”!