February 4, 2019

Sea Gate Boating getting to KNOW WINES

The inaugural Boat Club Members’ event launching 2019 was held at the home of Marion and Ed Schloemer, ironically located on Boatswain Place. The Schloemers, boat club members, graciously opened their home to about 30 other boat club members and their guest for an introduction to wine pairings with some scrumptious appetizers and a fabulous dinner.

Boat club member, Jolene Unland, owner of KNOW WINES, lent her expertise in selection and pouring for the event. Jolene is a renowned authority on French Wines and conducts classes on wines, you may learn more about her and KNOW WINES by visiting https://www.knowwines.com/.

Jolene introduced the Sea Gate Boat Clubbers to an Oregon wine, a 2017 Foris Dry Gewürztraminer, a wine fermented from pink grapes whose roots began in the Alps. She then paired a 2015 Lamadrid Reserva Cabernet Franc, the parent wine of Merlots and Cabernet Sauvignon, with the evening’s entrée, elegantly rendered by hostess Marion. Deserts were paired by Jolene with a M. Chapoutier Banyuls, a Grenache from Roussillon, France where 80 percent of French Vin Doux Naturels originate. Vin doux naturel is a type of wine that has a natural level of sweetness and pairs extremely well with chocolate. This is created through light fortification with a spirit being added to the wine before the end of the fermentation process, usually consisting of brandy. The natural sweetness of the wine is created through the process of mutage.

Many thanks to Marion and Ed Schloemer for graciously opening their home to an exquisite evening of good food, good wine, and great friends. And accolades to Jolene Unland for the entertaining and expressive wine education and enjoyment.

2019 is looking very memorable for Sea Gate Boat Club Members!

To check out a gallery from the event click the link below or check out the gallery under the galleries header on our Specials & Events page.

Sea Gate Boating getting to KNOW WINES Gallery