September 8, 2022

Setting Out Crab Pots

September 8th, 2022

We were able to learn about and set crab pots out this past Wednesday, which was a blast! Sea Gate employee Brian, aka “Crab Man”, took Boat Club members out to set crab pots in hopes of catching some crabs!

Brian prepared the crab pots with scrap fish heads from Motts Channel Seafood, where anyone can go for fish scraps. Although there was the threat of rain, no one minded getting a little wet, so they set out to place the crab pots.

Creeks with tidal flow and deeper holes have been successful in the past for catching crabs, so that is where they headed! Crab pots can legally be set out for 5 days, but we have found 3 days to be the best. As the last crab pot was set out, the threat of rain was coming so they headed back towards the docks and made it just in time!